Foam Core Panel Press
for only $49,995
Signature Series hydraulic presses by Continental Industries

Foam core panel production has truly never been more affordable! This custom manufactured press has been built to precise tolerances specific for making structural insulated panels, or "SIP's". With an extremely effective price, this press is ideal for owner/users wishing to save the retail mark-up on new panels, new start-ups needing to minimize their up front costs, or large manufacturers wanting to add capacity. Press features include:

Variable head sizes for making panels in any size up to 4' X 24'

Monitored pressures up to 2000 pounds per square foot.

Loading from either front entry, or ends.

Space saving design can be backed up to a wall.

Easy disassembly for trucking, or assembly in remote areas.

All accessories can be included, along with on-site press assembly instructions or panel manufacturing techniques.

Continental Industries, Inc.

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